Tuesday, January 11, 2011

You're Invited!

March 19th of this year will be our 1st year blogoversary. Don't be surprised if I say that the 19th of March isn't when we started TCS. I'm thinking we began posting in February, but those interviews were from another blog (I don't really count them). The very first post was published on March 19th, so that will be our day for the blogoversary. Readers, whip out your pen and mark this date on your calendar!

I can't believe it'll already be a year. Wow! Time flies by so fast. We've come a long way and learned much from the realms of the book world. We met many new wonderful bookworms (yes, you!) and given books away (hopefully, you enjoyed). We're handing you an invitation to join us on March 19th to celebrate our blogoversary with a fun party. Stick around! There will be great prizes to enter for during that week in March.

Want to help us celebrate? If you'd like to set up a giveaway or contest during this particular week, send me an e-mail at gracethorson@gmail.com. We'd love to make this memorable for our readers as they journey forth into our second year. 

We look forward to putting on silly-looking hats and throwing colorful confetti everywhere (figuratively speaking). No worries! We'll clean up the mess. Don't forget to invite your friends... and bring a hat or... two. We expect to see you all there!

God bless!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Sounds really fun! I'll be there! :)

Grace said...

Glad to hear that, Jay! =)