Thursday, January 13, 2011

Suspense Filled: Book Review

The Price of Trust by Amanda Stephan.
4 stars

Carly Richards is always running. She stays only so long in one location before her abusive ex-fiancé can find her again. However, on this juncture it’s different. Traveling by car, she makes her way to a modest little town in the state of Montana. She quickly sells the car and finds a job working at a hardware shop. The owners are kind-hearted and treat her like their own granddaughter.

Feeling somewhat comfortable, Carly finds herself glued to the small town. She decisively makes a bold choice to remain there. Carly visits the local church but tries desperately to remain detached from the community. Little does she know, God has other plans. Inevitably, the townspeople ease their way into her guarded heart.

Carly welcomes all the attention from new friends, but she’s still unsure of her predicament. Having the attention from a guy named Joe Baird confuses her. What if her ex-fiancé finds out? She can’t risk Joe getting hurt, so she avoids him at every turn. Will Carly be able to face her fears and trust God?

My Thoughts on The Price of Trust:

Amanda Stephan is a newly discovered author for me, and I recently acquired her debut novel. I must say The Price of Trust is a decent first start. What I like about Amanda’s writing is how much fun she had with her characters. You could tell she enjoyed creating them. They’re entertaining and not overly complicating. The romance between the two main characters, Carly and Joe, is beyond sweet. When an author has characters she cares about, it affects how you read the book. It doesn’t take long for them to tug at your heart.

Reading through the story, I was expecting non-stop action. Its progression is slower than I envisioned, but the suspense is killer! I was waiting on pins and needles for the ex-fiancé to finally appear. There is violence, as Carly reveals the abuse she suffered from him. It wasn’t an issue for me, as I’ve read far worse. In fact, it’s practically tame compared to other books.

I’m sure Amanda Stephan intends to publish additional books. If so, I will probably be waiting in line to read them. Like suspense and romance intermingled together? Pick up The Price of Trust!

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God bless!


Amanda Stephan said...

Thank you so much, Grace, for reviewing my book! I certainly do appreciate the time you took, and your kind words!
Blessings to you,

Grace said...

You're welcome, Amanda! It was my pleasure. I really enjoyed reading your book.

God bless!

Anonymous said...

That looks like an interesting book! I'll have to go check it out! Great review, Amanda! :)

Grace said...

Hello, Jay! Amanda will be giving a copy of it away on our blog (sometime soon) - so be sure to enter. I'm assuming you mean, Grace? ;) *Thanks*