Friday, April 1, 2011

Sara's Journey: Book Review

Sara's Journey by Patti Leudeman Chiappa
3 stars

In the small town of Summerville, the residents are friendly and pleasant. They all appear to be ordinary people with seemingly ordinary lives. But they all share a common goal - to help a young woman by the name of Sara. Because of an accident that happened not long ago, Sara was left with most of her body burned. Feeling ashamed, she had locked herself away from the rest of the world. She wouldn’t allow anyone into her crumbling home aside from her doctor. Because of the doctor’s regular check-ups, he was the only one who had ever seen her burns.

Summerville gets turned upside down, when a complete stranger walks in. All who meet the stranger think he’s kind and trustworthy. And his reason for visiting Summerville is this: “I have walked for days to come to your town because God put a calling in my heart to come here.” A family lets him take up residence with them and he soon becomes like a brother. They don’t learn much from him, except for his name is Turner and that he’s a Christian. Turner does seem different somehow…. He’s always looking after everyone’s needs. Does this mean that he will be able to help Sara?

Sara’s Journey is a sweet yet simple book. The message from the story is awesome. It’s actually about a couple of things - being able to forgive someone when you think they’ve harmed you and realizing that perfection is not what God seeks. When we hide ourselves from the world, we’re not able to shine. It’s like covering up a candle in the darkness.

The story often switches to separate parts for the different characters. Since it takes place in a town, many residents are mentioned throughout the pages. It was confusing trying to figure out who was who. Before I end this review, I just want to mention one more thing. There’s not much romance, so don’t read it for that. It’s inspirational with perhaps a pinch of allegory.

God bless!

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