Our Policy


*Note* We're full up on requests for book reviews, so we won't be accepting any new ones.

We (the TCS Team) review Christian books. Most are fiction, but we're not picky here. I can't say what my contributors like to read, but I can say what I prefer.

I read all types of fiction (romance, thriller, children, teens, and etc.), Christian living, and so much more! I'm willing to review a book that might not be considered Christian but the content of it is clean. All of the book reviews that I've finished get posted here. Sometimes, I might post them to New Release Tuesday (where I'm a NRTeam Featured Reviewer). I review books either for myself, an author, or a publishing group. I write reviews for New Leaf Publishing Group and FaithWords. I receive no compensation either than receiving the book for my review.

I often get my book reviews posted within a week to one month. If I receive a book that I did not enjoy, I will still post a review for it. I try to write reviews in an honest but gentle manner. If a book does not meet at all with any standard of being clean, I will most likely stop reading it. With all our reviews, we have a rating system of one to five stars. We will sometimes use half-stars when a book doesn't quite fit in our rating system (ex. 4 1/2 stars).

If interested in sending a book (s) to either one of my contributors or me, visit our contact info page to send an e-mail. Thanks!


If you're an author (or a publicist), we'd love nothing better than to set up an interview with you! The easiest way for us to do an interview is through an e-mail. This is how we do an e-mail interview - we send the questions to you and you answer the questions by sending an e-mail back. I will put the interview together, add images, and maybe a book trailer to the post. Interviews are added in a timely manner.


Any giveaway to be hosted on our blog is always welcomed. Often these are the best way to get readers to notice your book. It also helps us gain new followers and traffic to our blog. When a giveaway is running, we put up an image of the book cover in our right sidebar. This image would have a link that directs you to the giveaway. *Note* If you wish to do both an interview and a giveaway together, let us know!

Blog Tours

Authors will often go from blog to blog in what's known as a "blog tour" - these are usually for their new or coming book. Blogs will give the books away and an author may stick around to answer questions. Giveaways are often accompanied with an interview in a blog tour.

Guest Writers

Whether you're an author or a writer, we give you the ability to write up a post for our blog. Our specifications for this would be: devotionals, helpful articles, writing tips, or anything else that covers the subject of books. A guest writer would not be expected to post more than one of these. We have no problems with multiple posts from a continuing author or writer, but they would not be considered a contributor. Unless of course, we like this particular guest writer and they are interested in being one. If you think this is something you'd like to do, send us an e-mail at gracethorson@gmail.com. We are always looking for guest writers.

Have questions? Feel free to ask!

God bless!
~Grace Thorson (admin.)