Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hardcover or Paperback? Readers Decide!

On May 12th, I asked you your opinion on hardcover and paperback books. I received a good amount of answers to this but not as much as I had hoped. Still, it was enough to write up this article. My reason for this research? I was curious to see what readers prefer - hardcover or paperback books? I asked what they liked better between the two and why? You've waited for more than a month to see the results of this research and I'm now ready to let ya! Here is what some readers had to say about this:

I prefer paperback. They're easy to carry, easy to hold and easy to bend. They fit into my purse and cost less than hardcover ~ Suzanne

...Paperbacks are usually a little smaller and easier to travel with ~ Diane

...There is just something about hardback that I really like. I like the look of it on a bookshelf, and when it is stacked with other hardback book's on a table ~ Anonymous 

i'm partial to the high quality 1st edition Hardcover type books... the cheap, reprinted paperback versions aren't as appealing to me... ~ Amber

I like paperback....lighter so I can read longer ~ Laura

For most books, I like paperback, unless it's a book I plan to re-read alot, then I like hardback. I'm not a big re-reader ~ Katy

The results of this research is that most readers prefer paperback to hardcover. It seems that most people choose paperback because it's more lightweight, easier to travel with, and is cheaper. Hardcover seems to be more for collecting. Plus, let's admit, they look nicer on that bookshelf of ours. 

What is my opinion on all of this? I, like most readers, prefer paperback to hardcover. But! I hope to have a library someday, so I'll need to collect hardcover books for that. I've got to! Overall, I had fun doing this research and discovering people's opinions on paperback and hardcover books. Let's do some more!

What would YOU like to see me do next? You decide!

God bless!

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