Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Delightful Devotional: Book Review on A Tidbit Romance

A Delightful Devotional
4 stars

My Thoughts on A Tidbit Romance:

A Tidbit Romance by Erin Coss is a 186 page trade paperback book of devotionals. There are a total of 60 devotionals; each one begins with a tidbit of Scripture. In every devotional, Erin Coss offers honest advice and sometimes shares a short snippet from her life.

Erin is often humorous in her writing, and she puts the reader at ease with her comfortable style. Her writing is easy to read and understand. I found great delight in reading each and every one of her devotionals. The devotionals weren’t too long or too short, although they often left me with wanting more - a good thing!

Erin Coss has such a love for God’s Word, and that is evident in this devotional. It was contagious! It made me long to have that same feeling. I admit that I sometimes slack when it comes to reading my Bible. I now have the great desire to grab my Bible and look through it carefully for little treasures. 

I hope that Erin Coss continues to write devotionals, because I would like to read more of what she has to share. I recommend A Tidbit Romance to mostly women, but men will enjoy it as well.

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God bless!

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