Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Research: What Do Readers Prefer? Hardcover or Paperback?

I'm conducting research on the subject of hardcover and paperback books. I thought it would be fun and interesting to see what people have to say about them. After I've collected enough comments, I will post a select few here. I'll also give my opinion on it as well.

The research will take a few months to do, probably. In the meantime, I will try to gather as many opinions as possible from various bookworms.

So I would love to hear what you think! Please, leave a comment saying what you prefer and why. I might or might not show your comment at the end of my research. For instance, I will put together an article in my own words about the responses that I received and at the end of it will be a few comments. I will ask readers myself - if I use it, do I have your permission?

If this research turns out to be a success and everyone enjoyed it, then I will do more like this. Perhaps one on Kindle books? I would really like to hear your suggestions on this!

Let the research commence! =)

God bless!


Diane said...

Easier to hold a paperback with flexibility, but it must have the right binding. I hate when they glue it to close to the margin and I have to tug on the corners to open it up a little more. Paperbacks are usually a little smaller and easier to travel with. :O)

Suzanne said...

I prefer paperback. They're easy to carry, easy to hold and easy to bend. They fit into my purse and cost less than hardcover.

Grace said...

Thank you for your comments. They'll be very helpful for the research that I'm doing =)

The more responses I receive, the faster I'll be able to write the article.

Anonymous said...

Paperback is very flexible, (which is one of the thing's I like about it) but I would have to say that I prefer hardback. I like the feel of it. There is just something about hardback that I really like. I like the look of it on a bookshelf, and when it is stacked with other hardback book's on a table. This all may sound very weird, but it is my honest opinion.

Hope this comment was a bit helpful.


Grace said...

Thank you! We're now at 10% done with our research. We need more comments, bookworms!