Thursday, May 13, 2010

Coming Home: Book Review on Texas Roads

Coming Home
4 1/2 Stars

Dani Davis’ car has run out of gas and in the middle of nowhere. Dani waits in her car alone on a dusty Texas road hoping that someone will stop by and give her a hand. Someone does come along eventually but he doesn’t look like her knight in shining armor. A cowboy stops in an old pickup truck and offers Dani a ride into town - she reluctantly agrees to ride with him.

While riding with the cowboy, Dani finds out that his name is Steve. She comes to realize that they’re complete opposites – she’s a city girl and he’s a country guy. They soon get into a heated conversation in which Steve quickly drops her off at a hardware shop. Dani uses the phone at the shop and calls her Aunt Beth “Mama Beth.” Dani is soon picked up by her aunt and taken to her home to stay.

After living at her aunt’s quaint home for a few weeks, Dani decides that she wants to stay permanently. Mama Beth advises Dani to pray and think it over first before deciding. She’s determined that this is where she wants to live - in a comfortable and peaceful home. But she soon learns that it’s not as quiet or private as she had thought; there are plenty of nosy neighbors around.

Dani had escaped her city life to leave everything behind her. Her relationship with her mother is falling apart and she’s suffered terrible loss. All Dani wants is a place to call home. Will she find what she’s looking for?

My Thoughts on Texas Roads:

I fell in love with the characters in Texas Roads – they’re so endearing and lifelike. The setting that the story revolves around is also something that I loved about the book. Cathy Bryant was able to paint a picture of what Texas looks like. The book really has a comfortable and lazy-like aura - a perfect book to read during summer. Just like the character Dani, I never wanted to leave!

Texas Roads is the first book in the Miller’s Creek Series and Cathy Bryant is currently working on the second. I’m anxious to read more about the characters that I grew to love. I recommend Texas Roads to readers, who enjoy a sweet romance, witty characters, and a fun story.

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God bless!


Cathy Bryant said...

Grace, thanks so much for reading and reviewing TEXAS ROADS. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book!

I'm looking forward to our interview tomorrow!


Grace said...

Cathy, you're welcome! I had lots of fun reading & reviewing your book =) God bless!