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Interview and Giveaway with Author Kimberli Campbell

Kimberli Renee Campbell is the author of a Christian fantasy series by the name of Shayia's Adventures (recommended for tweens). The Sword Of Light is her first book in this series, and expect the second to release sometime in 2012. Kimberli lives in Nebraska with her husband and two children.

She stopped by our blog to do an interview with us! At the end of the interview, be sure to read our giveaway rules and enter to win her book. Ends April 3rd!

Welcome, Kimberli!

When did you first show an interest in becoming a writer?

I tried to calculate it in my head, but started to get a headache. :) So, I'll say around eleven years ago. I was working as a file clerk and writing my ideas on scratch paper and napkins.

How did you become an author? What were the steps you took to achieve it?

My husband and his family are blessed with many talents. The Lord called my husband's older brother, Dale, to start a production company. Dale and his partner's goal was (is) to create videos, music, and books that would bring glory to God. Dale knew I was working on a children's book series and asked for the manuscript of the first book. After reading it, they wanted to publish it. It has truly been a blessing.

What motivated you to write The Sword of Light? Did the inspiration for it come to you right away or take its time?

Like many authors, it came to me in a dream. It played in my head like a movie from start to finish. It was great. I continued to have the same dream night after night until I had the outline down on paper.

I really liked reading your book. It’s fantasy with a taste of allegory. The characters in it were just… fun. I’m dying to know which of them is your favorite and why?

I'm not sure I can pick a favorite. I love each of them for their strengths and weaknesses. However, the main character, Shayia, is much like my oldest son, so he tugs at my heart a little more than the others.

What feeling do you hope your young readers will have after reading The Sword of Light?

I want them to be feel as if there is nothing too big for them to handle with God, family, and friends by their side. I also want them to feel as if they were just on an amazing adventure.

In Shayia’s Adventures, will there be a book two? Kimberli, would you mind sharing a little of what you’re working on with us?

Yes, there will be a book two. We are praying for an early summer release. It is called Redemption. Young readers can expect a lot more fun and adventure.

As for what I'm working three. The Lord has not given me a title yet.

There are many great Bible verses and quotes out there, but which of these apply to your journey in life?

Hm...probably the main verse for the book. Philippians 4:13. My family has faced many trials in the past few years. But, through it all, we are able to move forward because we were not alone. Our strength came from the Lord and we give Him all the glory.

Randomly Fun Questions:

What is one unique fact about you that most people don’t know?

I have a nickname for all children, including my own - George. When my father could not remember someone's name, he called them Pete. So, I believe I got that habit from him. :)

When you’re not writing, what do you like to do in your spare time?

My husband and I have two wonderful boys (ages 17 and 5). Our little one is constantly on the move as he should be for his age. So when I am alone, I like to sit quietly or sleep.

Do you have any favorite quirky words?

Sorry, I don't have a favorite quirky word. However I did make up a word when I was younger. Redisecity - it has many meanings. I used it when I wanted to seem like I was saying something grown-up.

How can our bookworms best get in contact with you?

They can find me on Facebook or Twitter. I also have a blog - Please drop by and say hello.

Kimberli, thank you for doing this interview and giveaway with us! It was so much fun!

Thank you, Grace, for allowing me to visit with you and your readers. I enjoyed myself. I pray the Lord blesses your designing and photography.

Book Giveaway!

The Sword of Light is not about an ordinary sword. The sword Shayia wields was crafted by his father's hands following the instructions of the Creator. Shayia's unique sword draws its power from the Sacred Book. When situations arise, the Word materializes across the blade aiding Shayia in his true quest.

When the dark force that killed his father once again returns to threaten the peaceful village of Sedona, Shayia must face his sworn enemy - the sorcerer Izahrik and the evil Draga he commands. Armed with his father's magnificent sword, he sets out on a journey that will change him forever. Will revenge and hatred consume him, or will Shayia learn the secret to true victory?

Book Info:

Title: The Sword Of Light
Author: Kimberli Campbell
Format: Paperback
Pages: 151
ISBN: 978-0982149300
Publisher: Positive Productions Plus

Giveaway Rules:

Kimberli is giving away The Sword of Light to one bookworm! In order to enter, you must leave a comment with your e-mail address (so that we can contact you). US and Canada only, please. This giveaway starts today and ends on April 3rd. A winner will be picked randomly (using and announced on April 4th. We will contact the winner and notify them by their e-mail address. If the winner doesn't respond within a few days, we will have to pick another. Good luck! =)

God bless!


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Would love to be entered in your draw for this book. Thanks!

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I love your made up word, Kimberli! That is so funny. Thank your for the giveaway.


chrisd said...

The first book was wonderful. I had the privilege of reading rough drafts of the book 5 years ago and am looking forward to reading Kimberli's latest!

kah68046 said...

I enjoyed reading this book. Several of my 5th grade students have read it and are itching for the next book.

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Kimberli has great talent and imagination for writing stories. Keep them coming!!

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this book sounds good thanks love the chance to win it.

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Enjoyed the interview. Book sounds great. Carmen sent me.

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Kimberli Renee' Campbell said...

Thank you, everyone!! I enjoyed my visit here. Blessings!! Sincerely - Kimberli

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Sounds like a great book! Thanks for the chance.

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