Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Voice Leads Them: Book Review

Legendary Space Pilgrims by Grace Bridges.
2 1/2 stars

On planet Monday, life is monotonous – gray is the color that invades the skies, uniforms, and the lives of every worker that calls it home. Mario is a worker, a farmer in fact. He is expected to wake up at a specific time, work the fields, eat, and then sleep. He repeats the exact same routine day by day. He can’t stray from normal protocols or let his emotions get out of hand. Mario must wear an emo-reader on his neck to discourage any feelings. If the reader rises up to 80%, transport tubes take him to be mindwiped and brought back never to remember anything. Such is the life on planet Monday.

Little does Mario know, his life is about to get brighter. His otherwise normal day is shaken up when he hears the Voice. Mario receives many Words spoken by the Voice. These mysterious Words bring him comfort, so he repeats them over and over again – until they’ve become ingrained in his memory. He also notices that they somehow keep the emo-reader from beeping. He cannot keep the Words to himself and so he shares them with his friend, Caitlin. She’s unsure of the whole thing but reluctantly starts saying them.

The Voice issues certain commands to Mario and Caitlin. They must escape from planet Monday and venture forth into the unknown. Mario trusts the Voice, so they both follow His plans. He and Caitlin will be guided to wherever they’re supposed to go, but where will the Voice take them and what will they find there?

My Thoughts on Legendary Space Pilgrims:

Legendary Space Pilgrims is my first sci-fi book that’s Christian themed. I am a fan of the genre, so I was interested in giving it a try. The tale follows Mario and Caitlin as they go on a journey from planet Monday to the wide frontiers of space. On this journey, they meet many challenges and temptations. It reminded me of Pilgrims Progress in the sense of it being an allegory.

While reading through the book, I hit a suggestive scene or two. This was the main reason why I gave it a lower rating. I did enjoy the visual treats of the strange worlds described by the author. It's fun to experience odd times and places. But the best part was probably the Voice that leads Mario and Caitlin. I love that He calls them forth to follow Him. When I reached the last chapters, I noticed the story wasn't wrapping up. That's because it continues into another book by the name of Independence Monday - not yet released.

Being introduced to a new genre is always exhilarating, and I honestly didn’t know there were Christian sci-fi books. Legendary Space Pilgrims may not have been my favorite, but I am definitely willing to read more of these.

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