Wednesday, November 3, 2010

God's Goodness: Book Review

Blessed Beyond Measure (Devotional Journal) by Gloria Copeland // 4 stars

My Thoughts on Blessed Beyond Measure:

This is the devotional journal of Blessed Beyond Measure by Gloria Copeland. Just so that there’s no confusion, this isn’t the actual book of Blessed Beyond Measure. I haven’t read that, but I have completed two days worth of devotionals from this. It would take me far too long (forty-five days to be exact) to finish this book and then write a review for it.

I don’t want to push myself and hurry up the process of doing all the devotionals, I want to take my time and enjoy each and every one (as it is meant to be). From what I’ve looked over, it’s going to be a great devotional. Plus side is that it’s also a journal. I love to have journals and this is perfect! Each page begins with a brief devotional. After that, there are three areas to write in: Reflection on His Goodness, Experiencing His Goodness, and Praying in His Goodness.

I’ve already gained some wonderful insight from doing two days of it. If you’re like me, I like to write out my thoughts and feelings. I learn quite a bit when I do it that way. I recommend this to women for two reasons: if you have a desire/hunger to learn of God’s goodness, and if you have a fondness for devotionals that also double as a journal. I look forward to the process of reading through Blessed Beyond Measure!

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God bless!

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