Saturday, January 29, 2011

Giving to the Community: Book Review

How Shall We Feed Them?: A Practical Guide for Organizing a Food Pantry by Marty Girardier 4 stars

If you’re thinking of starting a food pantry at your church or organization, How Shall We Feed Them? by Marty Girardier is the book for you. It’s a guide that shows the step by step process of buying, storing, and giving food away. Marty opens with a short introduction on the need to feed the hungry. I love that she says, “The most important key is to pray and seek God…”

There are only seven chapters squeezed into this skinny book, but they’re very informative and helpful. Each one starts with a Bible verse and ends with a note from people who’ve benefited from the food pantry. Included in the middle is the text written by the author and a stop and pray section – where you can write out your thoughts.

At the end, you’ll find fifteen pages as Food Pantry Tools. There’s Additional Food Pantry Ideas, Food Pantry Action Plan, Food Pantry Check-Off List, Food Pantry Contribution Sign-Up Sheet, Sample Postcard, Food Pantry Guidelines, and a Food Recipient Information Sheet. You can tear these pages out and photocopy them for use.

I’m confident that the author left nothing out in explaining the way to set everything up. You can really tell she’s passionate about what she does. Taking care of men, women, and children by offering them vital necessities must be so rewarding. Let’s show some kindness today and make sure that no one goes hungry in our community. Pick up How Shall We Feed Them? by Marty Girardier if you feel led to open up a food pantry.

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God bless!

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