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White Purifies: Book Review on White

White Purifies
5 Stars

Time is running out, and Thomas Hunter is frantically searching for the right path to take. Things have changed; the forest people have been given a decree not to fight but to love the Horde. Thomas the Hunter is no longer a fighter but a lover. He has given his life to drown in the red pools of water for Elyon, and he’s been made new because of this. Justin (Elyon’s son) gave Thomas and his people the new decree to love passionately for the Horde - to be seen as being different from them because of their great love for others.

Unfortunately, the Horde has a disease because they have not yet drowned in the red pools. Is it time for a change? Thomas and a few of his best warriors get captured by the Horde’s mighty general, Woref. The triumphant general drags Thomas and his warriors to the leader of the Horde, Qurong. After showing off his prize, Woref throws Thomas and the others into a dungeon. Thomas doesn’t lose hope; instead he comes up with a plan. In trying to win their freedom, Thomas works at gaining the trust of Chelise (Qurong’s daughter).

While helping Chelise, Thomas soon finds himself in an awkward situation. He’s falling in love with the Horde princess! He tries to deny his feelings but discovers he cannot hide them. He’s drawn to her even though she seems to have no feelings for him. He can’t help it; he must save her from Woref. But, Thomas knows that turmoil and anguish lie on the other side of his dreams. Should he pursue Chelise or will it end up being a mistake that will cost his life?

My Thoughts on White:

Ted Dekker does it again! His storytelling is wonderfully crafted and is a cinch to read. He’s so descriptive with everything; the smallest things don’t get left out. Because he’s so descriptive, you might not like his writing style. But for me, the Circle Series wasn’t that graphic. The only thing that I picked up on is the use of the word “whore” which the men call some of the women. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this series to children but I would to older teens and up.

I’ve read Black, Red, and now White. I couldn’t distinguish much of a difference from Red and White in the sense of which one I liked better. I do know that I enjoyed Red much more than Black.

In White, there’s a couple of surprises - none of which I will divulge. Although I will say one thing: the ending of this book holds a big surprise. The only book left in the Circle Series to read is Green: The Beginning and The End. For that, I am excited to read and discover new adventures within the Circle.

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