Monday, September 13, 2010

New Contributor + 100 Followers!

Welcome our newest contributor to The TCS Team: Rescued By God! She'll be tweeting from our Twitter account (@ChristianScroll). If you're on Twitter, be sure to head on over and say hi!

All of our contributors get their very own badges. Take a look at them on the about us page - this is where you can contact a particular contributor (for a review, interview, or etc.) or just find out more info about them. I'm on there too!

We've reached a pinnacle. Kait is our 100th follower! Thanks everyone for joining us. It has been a little slow around here but we hope to change that. The holidays are coming, though... So we can't guarantee that things will pick up a whole lot.We do promise that we'll give it all we've got!

In celebration of 100 followers, we'll be offering away a wallpaper to all (designed by me). Can't say when it'll be finished, but I should have it up this week. Are you excited? I sure am! 100 followers is HUGE.

God bless!

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