Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Magic of Mistletoe: Book Review

Love Finds You Under the Mistletoe by Irene Brand and Anita Higman  3 1/2 stars

An Appalachian Christmas:

Julia Mayfield’s mission is to bring her young nephew to the small town of Mistletoe so he can stay with his grandparents. When the grandparents don’t exactly throw out the welcome mat, she has no choice but to stay with a motherly woman and her handsome son, David. Things don’t go exactly to plan for Julia. She has no idea how to take care of a little boy and she’s afraid that she’s falling in love. And most of all, she has to find a way to fulfill her dying sister’s wish, or she’ll wind up staying in Mistletoe forever – something that she’s sure won’t ever happen. Will God show Julia what’s missing in her heart?

Once Upon a Christmas Eve:

Holly Goodnight owns a quaint shop in the town of Noel, Missouri – where she sells everything and anything Christmas. Business is doing remarkably well for Holly and she receives a request for an interview on TV. This and being voted the best Christmas shop in America. With all that attention, comes a charming novelist by the name of Van Keaton – who wishes to write Holly’s story and… maybe steal her heart in the process. But what will Holly’s best friend, Owen Quigly, have to say about that?

My Thoughts on Love Finds You Under the Mistletoe:

My interests were piqued to read a book from the Love Finds You series, since I’ve seen them all over the internet in giveaways and reviews. I did eventually receive a copy. So, for the first time, I opened the cover of Love Finds You Under the Mistletoe and found two tender romance stories within. The two stories are not completely separate, but both interlocked through the magic of mistletoe.

The first story is An Appalachian Christmas by Irene Brand. It takes place in the Appalachian Mountains, which is aptly named “Mistletoe” - where mistletoe grows in abundance. The view on the characters and mountains of Mistletoe were probably the best part, because I love history. I find it intriguing the way people dealt with life after the Second World War, and how the people of the Appalachian Mountains lived during that day.

The second story is Once Upon A Christmas Eve by Anita Higman. It takes place in a cozy little town named Noel - pronounced like Joel .Unlike the first story, this is not set in post-war but in modern day. Because of its humor, I have to say that I enjoyed this more than An Appalachian Christmas. And believe it or not, this is tied to the first story. I won’t mention why… You’ll just have to pick up Love Finds You Under the Mistletoe and find out for yourself!

If my review enticed you to read this book before Christmas, make sure you do it with a cup of spiced apple cider or hot chocolate. I recommend it!

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God bless!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Grace, for featuring our book. I'm not in the Christmas spirit yet, but the weather is trying to get me in the mood. We live in West Virginia, and normally, our annual snowfall is light. I don't ever remember having 5" of snow and single digit thermometer recordings this early in the season.
Irene Brand

Grace said...

Yeah, we've hardly had any snow here in Idaho. The most we ever get is in January - which was always tough when you're a kid. I would wish for it to snow during Christmas. Maybe... it'll be a white Christmas this year! =)

Irene, thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I look forward to reading more of your books!

Have a Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review of our Mistletoe book, Grace! I really appreciate it.

I have been getting in the Christmas mood since September. I always start early, listening to Christmas CDs, buying people gifts, and hoping for snow. We rarely get snow in the Houston area, but I'm always dreaming of it. Also, I feel grateful at this time of year, especially for the birth of our Lord!
Merry merry Christmas!
Anita Higman

Grace said...

Anita, you're welcome! Yeah, I do the exact same thing *Lol* People are always amazed at how quickly I buy Christmas gifts. Yes, especially! Thank you so much for stopping by our blog, Anita! Have a very Merry Christmas :)