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Interview With Author MaryLu Tyndall

Welcome to The Christian Scroll, MaryLu!

I would like to say that I really enjoyed reading your new book Surrender the Heart. And thank you so much for sending me a copy! (Read my review of it here)

I especially enjoyed the history surrounding this story. What made you decide to write on the War of 1812?

When I started doing research on the war, I instantly became fascinated with it!  It’s a really exciting time period that I don’t think most people know very much about. At least I didn’t learn about it in school. It’s the ultimate adventure story. You have the big bad bullies, the British, who are intent on squashing the underdogs, the fledgling newly formed Americans.  By all accounts, Britain should have won! They had a massive well trained army and the largest most powerful navy in the world. Only by God’s mighty hand did America defeat them.

I am always amazed at how well you describe the ships and how each one of them works. What was the process like for the research that you put into this?

The process is very time consuming and tedious! LOL.  But I believe that injecting accurate details into the story make it more authentic and ground the reader in the time and place which makes the whole experience more worthwhile! Anyway, I have several large books on sailing and sailing ships that I reference quite often. I keep them close to my writing desk and whenever I need a detail I have them available. The problem is that it often will take me hours of reading to find that one detail!!

I also have toured several tall ships just to get the feel for the setting and the smells and sights. The HMS Rose in San Diego was my favorite. That’s the ship they used in the film, Master and Commander, one of my favorite movies.

Surrender the Heart
I found the characters to be well-developed and very likable in Surrender the Heart. Which of them was your favorite and why?

Marianne, the heroine.  I just love her. She’s just your typical everyday woman, like we all are. There’s nothing extraordinary about her. She’s not a raving beauty. She’s a bit chubby. LOL. She has not particular talents and she harbors terrible fears. I loved writing her story and have her come to the realization that no one is ordinary in God’s eyes. And that God could use her to do awesome and important things if she would just surrender to Him!

This is the first book in a brand new series you’ve started. Why the title Surrender to Destiny?

The entire series revolves around the theme of finding God’s destiny for your life. I truly believe that we are all here on earth at this time and place for a reason. Just like Esther in the book of Esther, we are put here for a certain purpose. It saddens me to realize that most people never find that purpose. They wander around life unfulfilled and bored and wonder why. So, I wanted to show through these stories that God’s purpose for each of us is real, perfect, and pleasing and that all we need to do is surrender to Him and trust in Him and He will reveal it to us.

Surrender the Night
The second installment in this series is Surrender the Night – which comes out in March of 2011. Would it be possible to share a short preview of it with us?

Yes. Here’s what will appear on the back cover:

When British soldiers invade Baltimore amid the War of 1812, Rose McGuire, alone on her family farm, is easy prey for a brutal lieutenant. In the midst of the attack, she’s saved by British 2nd Lieutenant Alexander Reed. Will she now have to heal, as well as hide, this enemy soldier?
    Alex hadn’t meant to kill his superior, nor get shot in the process. Now badly wounded, he’s at the mercy of this tomboy who obviously hates him. Can he trust her or will she turn him over to the Americans?
    Rose is having trouble keeping Alex hidden from her family, the townspeople, and the man intent on courting her. Will the discovery of Alex’s presence force her to accept an abhorrent proposal?
    As their love blooms, trouble looms, for the British are on the move again. This time, their target is Washington DC. Will these young lovers at heart find themselves enemies at war?

What are your plans for the third and final book? Is there anything that you wouldn’t… mind divulging?
I’m writing the third book now and I’m VERY excited about it. It’s the story of Luke Heaton who you met in book 1. He’s the town rogue and ladies’ man.  Cassandra Channing is the heroine who hires him to captain her privateer.

Here’s a paragraph summary:

The only way Cassandra Channing can provide for her younger siblings is to hire a privateer, captained by the rogue, Luke Heaton. Anxious to redeem his reputation and help Cassandra, Luke works hard and brings home much wealth for her family. Yet after an encounter with a British warship, Luke is blackmailed into selling supplies to enemy ships just off the coast. When Cassandra suspects foul play, she sneaks aboard his ship to catch him in the act. Secrets and dangers abound as the British fleet heads toward Baltimore and begin to bombard Fort McHenry. With the fate of their fledgling nation at stake, what destiny awaits this couple as they struggle in their faith, lives, and love?   

Three Randomly Fun Questions:

If you could be anything in the world other than yourself, what would it be? ~ Linda
Either a tall ship sailing the Caribbean or a tropical island. LOL

What are the names of your pet cats?  Hershey (she looks like a Hershey bar), Buster (he’s my outside stray—pure white coat)  and Katie (my shy indoor cat who is as skinny as  rail)

Of the many genres of music out there, which do you listen to? Mostly alternative rock and classical

What are some of the ways that readers can get in contact with you?


I loved doing this interview with you, MaryLu! And I eagerly await your book that releases next year. Thanks for stopping by TCS! Thank you Grace!!! My pleasure. God Bless you too!

God bless!

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