Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Trust Me: Book Review

Trust Me
4 Stars

Marianne Denton and her family give off the illusion of being wealthy when they are only barely scraping by. Marianne’s mother is terribly ill, and she requires expensive medicines. The only way to get them is to enter into marriage with the right man. And that man is Noah Brennin. But Marianne is presented with two major problems: she can’t stand him, and she could never reveal the reason for marrying. If everything goes to plan, her dowry will not be going to him but to her mother.

Noah Brennin is a merchant who trades with the British. He hopes to build up his business and strike it rich with shipping and trading goods. He’s not doing it so much for the money, but to make his family proud - especially his father. And he’s to marry Miss Marianne Denton or “Princess” as he likes to call her. He remembers her as a snob and not someone that he would ever wish to marry. He’s only doing it for her nice dowry.

One of them will come to terms with a painful past while the other learns to trust. In the early stages of the War of 1812, both will be greatly challenged. Will they be able to let go of their broken hearts and find God’s love? This is the only love that can set them free. And will they, in turn, love each other?

My Thoughts on Surrender the Heart:

I really like this book (hence the four stars) by MaryLu Tyndall. It’s a good beginning for her new series: Surrender to Destiny.

I noticed differences from this and MaryLu’s other books. They aren’t major or anything – just little subtle changes. I kind of like them, actually. I, honestly, didn’t think there was as much romance in this compared to her others. There’s also little mention of pirates. Granted, there are a few privateers and maybe one or two former pirates. But that’s pretty much it.

With the story, I loved the facts on the history of our nation. MaryLu did her research on this one. She paints so clearly the struggles and pain of working on a ship during war. I cannot believe how hard the British ran their men. It was a tough life, and I’m glad that the author was able to give me a glimpse into that.

I don’t really like to reveal too much about a book in a review, but the message behind this is awesome. If you’re dealing with trust issues or insecurity, then you’ll gain something from reading this. I guarantee you’ll like it.

The next book in this series is Surrender the Night - which will be released in March of 2011. I’m eagerly awaiting it!

Visit MaryLu’s website: mltyndall.com

God bless!

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