Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Book Review "Trusting For Tomorrow"

4.8 stars out of 5

Katherine Douglas and her two daughters, Amber and Alyssa, have tragically lost their husband and father in a horrific accident.  They had settled in a home built by her late husband, Leyton, in Jupiter, Florida, trying to find joy and peace as they moved on in life.

Dr. Michael Manning has raised his two boys, Jack and Simon, from early on, as they, too, tragically lost a wife and mother.  He is a pediatrician who has relocated to Jupiter to be close to his parents for support and stability for his family.

Katherine and Michael develop a friendship through their children's interactions and their common faith.  When Alyssa, Katherine's youngest daughter, continually gets sick after eating, Katherine takes her to Dr. Manning to see if he could shed some new light on the issue.   His diagnosis seems trite and even rude, so she seeks a referral to a pediatric gastroenterologist, to no avail. Their friendship suffers with his insolent remarks.

I so enjoyed Jennifer's book, Trusting for Tomorrow, as the whole story really touched my heart with the tragedies, heartbreak, and grieving both Katherine and Michael have suffered.  She shows Katherine's determination to cocoon herself from any future relationships again, while showing Michael's tender vulnerability and determination to pursue a new relationship, one that contrasts deeply with Katherine's. Their lives seem to mesh together through friendship, which almost seems ordained by God.

Jennifer has Alyssa'a illness take center stage, as it should, as she was getting more ill as the days passed.  She genuinely displays how Katherine's motherly instincts and tenacity show through like a mother bear whose cubs appear to be in danger, especially when Dr. Manning dismisses her concerns. Once correctly diagnosed, Dr. Manning's responses about Alyssa's illness shock me.  What was his problem? Would he take the time to press into God and find His will?

The ebb and flow of their conversations were so real and genuine, at times heart-breaking, yet with a glimmer of hope. The laughter and innocence of their children's camaraderie is highly contagious. Would Katherine and Michael open their eyes to let God show them what needs to change in their lives?

I thoroughly enjoyed Jennifer's book for its delicate handling of a new relationship and learning about a common illness that rarely gets diagnosed. In its own way, it was so refreshing. I definitely think you'll find the book tugging at your heart-strings.

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Linda Wagner


Diane said...

Interesting sounding. Thanks for the review! :O)

Ginny said...

Now you have me curious as to what is Dr. Mannings's problem . I just may have to get this book to find out.

Anonymous said...

Dear Linda,
In August I went back to work after 9 years at home and am just now catching my breath! Imagine my surprise when I came upon your review - it's beautiful, thank you so much! I remember back in August watching my book sales blip upward and wondering at the reason since I hadn't "done" anything new:) Well, know I know: you were the reason - bless you!
Have a wonderful New Year!
Jennifer Arrington