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Interview With Author Julie Cave

Julie Cave has a passion for creationism and law. Both of these are combined together in her newest book. Her debut book Deadly Disclosures (A Dinah Harris Mystery Series #1) released in February of this year. She's currently working on the second book in this series.

Julie and her family live in Brisbane, Australia.

Welcome, Julie!

How did you first get interested in writing?

I loved books from a very young age and read any book I could get my hands on!  When I learned how to write, I immediately began writing stories for my parents and teachers.  When I was twelve, I decided I’d try to write a novel-length book and I was hooked from that moment.  I knew I’d discovered what I loved more than anything else.  I wrote more “novels” throughout high school which was great practice for me and helped me discover the genre that I wanted to write, and the style of writing that suited me.  I can’t really explain it – it’s been my greatest passion  for as long as I can remember.

What were your favorite books growing up?

I loved C.S. Lewis’s Narnia series.  I read every book in the series many, many times as I grew up.  I also loved Enid Blyton, particularly her Famous Five series and Secret Seven series.  It was these books, which involved children solving mysteries, that piqued my interest in the mystery/suspense genre.  In high school, I widened my reading interests to include drama, romance and even horror but I just kept coming back to my first love, mystery/suspense!

You released your debut book Deadly Disclosures (A Dinah Harris Mystery #1) in February of this year. What was the whole process of writing and getting it published like for you?

I remember a friend of mine lamenting that there were very few Christian novels that included apologetics.  At the time, I was wondering how I could combine my faith with my love of writing, and when we put our heads together, we came up with a basic plot for Deadly Disclosures.   My publisher is very committed to producing materials that uphold Biblical authority, which is why I thought they might be interested in my idea. I sent the manuscript to them in five-chapter batches!  It took about four years to write it as I was working full-time and then at law school, so it was written on weekends and late at night after work.  I was fortunate to have the book edited by experts in the apologetics field, to ensure that the information was totally accurate. 

The theme of this story surrounds the battle between creationism vs. evolution. Did it take a lot of research to put this together for the book?

Yes, it did.  The bulk of the research involved  the arguments that both an evolutionist and a creationist would use.  Half-way through writing Deadly Disclosures, I watched the documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed by Ben Stein and was further inspired to continue.  It seemed that my storyline wasn’t so fictional and that scientists and academics all over the world who dare to admit they believe in Biblical creation or even just question evolution face all kinds of harassment and discrimination.  As I mentioned, I was fortunate to have experts edit the book to ensure it was accurate.  I also did research into school shootings, depression/alcoholism, death and suffering and even forensic science!

What are some sites that you would recommend to people who are interested in learning more about creationism?

The best site without a doubt is They have a wealth of experts and PhD scientists on a wide range of topics.  They can answer questions regarding the age of the earth, astro-physics, Biblical accuracy and historicity, how evidence such as fossils should be interpreted and many other subjects.

The main character in Deadly Disclosures is the tough and brash Dinah Harris. Where did you get the inspiration for her?

She is a collection of personality traits that I’ve observed in myself and other people over the years.  She has my sense of humour, for example!  I had a very specific journey that I wanted her to take, and this helped formulate her personality and experiences.  I also wanted to create a character that was real and flawed.  I wanted her to struggle with issues that Christians and non-Christians alike can identify with.  I also wanted to illustrate that nobody is beyond Christ’s redemption.

I heard that you’re working on the next book in the Dinah Harris Mystery Series. What is the title and when will it be released?

The title is The Shadowed Mind and will be released in the fall.  There is sneak peek at it in the back of Deadly Disclosures.

Could you share a short sample of your upcoming book with our readers?

The Shadowed Mind broadly address eugenics, euthanasia and racism and the vast difference between what Christianity teaches about human life, and what social Darwinists/eugenicists teach about human life.  The plot revolves around a killer who is targeting victims he considers to be unworthy of life.  Dinah Harris is helping the police to investigate and her personal journey continues as she begins life as a recovering alcoholic and must face old temptations.  Add to this a sociopathic Senator who will stop at nothing to see a euthanasia bill passed, an exhausted daughter caring for her father who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, an explosive family secret, and a detective who refuses to talk about his past!

Do you have any advice/tips for the aspiring writers out there?

I would have two tips: the first is to keep practicing.  It can take some time to find a style of writing that is uniquely yours, and practice can only make you better.  Seek feedback and read from authors whose style you admire.  Secondly, think about your target audience and start a blog that might appeal to such an audience.  Writing a blog is great practice for your writing, and it can connect you to potential readers.

How can readers get in contact with you?

You can find me at; or at

Thanks so much for doing this interview with us, Julie! We look forward to your next book.

Thank you for having me!

You can order Deadly Disclosures by Julie Cave here:
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God bless!

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