Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Killing Time: Book Review

Killing Time by K. Dawn Byrd
3 1/2 stars

Alone and afraid, Mindy McLaurin enters a women’s penitentiary for embezzlement charges. She says that she’s not guilty. She suspects that a co-worker has pinned the embezzlement on her. While in prison, she’s also on a separate mission to find information within the walls. Mindy has two dilemmas: she must both clear her charges and snoop for a private investigator – who just happens to be her boyfriend.

Mindy starts her investigation by digging up any info on what happened to a young woman named Alexis.  Fearing foul play, the mother of the young woman hired Mindy’s boyfriend, Mitch, to investigate the death. Mitch saw Mindy’s going behind bars as an opportune time. He hired - or rather used - her to look into the situation. But Mindy soon realizes that Mitch is hardly the guy for her, because he’s in no hurry to bail her out.

In captivity Mindy meets with many challenges. She creates enemies and friends inside the cold exterior of the prison. Not all is bad; she meets a handsome counselor and an unexpected individual. Through it all and in desperation, Mindy clings to God when being faced by deadly threats. Will she ever get out of prison alive and find who killed Alexis?

If I could sum up one word to describe Killing Time, I would say that it’s unique. Here’s the reason: the setting is located in a prison. K. Dawn Byrd really captures the hustle and bustle of the women’s penitentiary. It’s not pretty, nor is it pleasant. The inmates that meet the main character are mean and unfriendly towards her. The author realistically portrayed what it would be like to be stuck in such an inhospitable position. 

I loved the areas of the book where Mindy clings to God because she feels so alone. If we were in her shoes, what would we do? Would we rely on God or ourselves to make things happen? Because the main character meets such hardened people, there’s some crudeness – but that’s expected. Watch out for the suspense, because it’s killer!

I liked what K. Dawn Byrd tackled in writing Killing Time, and I would definitely read more from her. I recommend it to women who like a mix of suspense, mystery, and romance.

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