Monday, September 20, 2010

Changes Ahead!

This blog will be put through many changes in the months ahead - that is, if it continues to do well. Starting now, there has already been a few updates. The Contact Info page has had text added to it (not that that exciting, I know). The About Us page is modified but not finished. We'll add more to that this week. We're also trying to decide if we should remove the author links (on the Links page), since there's way too many to list. We'll still keep this page, but we'll probably lose that part of it. The Blog Awards page (which has been removed for now) will be become something else. C'mon there's only one award, anyways! We'll just insert the award neatly into our sidebar. Haven't decided what exactly will replace it, but we're open for suggestions!

The banner at the bottom of this page is a little outdated - will change! With regards to the sidebar, there will maybe be a couple of new images/buttons/widgets. Even the main banner will get a new makeover!

What we're looking forward to is when the blog will have its own look. I mean, a complete face-lift! But ,of course, this will only happen if the blog does awesome and there's a need to do this.

We can't do it on our own, bookworms! You can help get more people interested in what we do by tweeting and facebooking (or whatever else works for you). We greatly appreciate the help that some of you are already doing to help us grow. Bless you!

~Grace (admin)

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Diane said...

Looking good! can't wait to see all the changes. :O)