Monday, May 31, 2010

The Beach House: Book Review on Forget Me Not

The Beach House
4 Stars

A woman is running; trying to stay one step ahead of her enemies. Her enemy is the biological terrorist group called “NINA” and they want something from her. She knows what they seek and she intends to keep it. But they’ll do anything to get it and end her life.

Kelly is in New Orleans setting up a center for children. She thought she had lost NINA since traveling to New Orleans but a call from her financial advisor confirms otherwise. They’ve found her and they’re coming.

After talking with her attorney, Kelly focuses on getting back to her hotel and while doing so, she makes her way down a dirty and dark street. Kelly senses that something is wrong when she stops at a red light. She has to keep moving! Suddenly, an object smashes the glass of her windshield. But that’s just the beginning of Kelly’s problems.

A gang approaches Kelly’s car and their intentions are to kill her. But out of the blue, a black car drives around hers and scatters the gang members. Kelly floors the gas pedal on her sports car and stops at another red light. While stopped, something else hits her windshield and passenger seat window. The driver of the black car that had saved her earlier is now after her as well. This time, Kelly won’t escape them…

My Thoughts on Forget Me Not:

When I first started reading Forget Me Not by Vicki Hinze, I couldn’t stop flipping the pages. I stayed up late one night and read ten chapters. It was enthralling and it held my interest. This book is action packed and the story is constantly moving. It doesn’t give you a break, though, much like a thriller.

There are some cons that I have about the book. With a few parts in the story, it confused me. I wasn’t sure what had happened and why. It’s sort of like a puzzle; you have to put the pieces together to see the whole picture. Besides it being somewhat confusing, it was also a tad bit depressing. Also, I would like to mention that there’s a lot of killing in this book. Don’t read it if you’re looking for a happy/warm feeling.

Vicki Hinze did a good job on this book, and I’m curious to see what she’ll be writing in the future. Because of this, I’m sure I’ll read more of her books.

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