Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Waters Turn Red: Book Review on Red

The Waters Turn Red
5 Stars

In Red, we now find Thomas Hunter a commander of the Forest Guard. Known as Thomas the Hunter, he’s lived fifteen years in the world of his dreams. He’s a man with two lives – one in a surreal world and one on earth. As a commander, Thomas leads his troops in a war against the Horde – a terrifying tribe that lives in the desert. Thomas fights them off to protect the forest where he and his family reside.

In one of these battles, the Horde invades the Forest people with a massive army. They intend to destroy the forest and all who live in it. This time, Thomas is outnumbered and outmaneuvered. He has to find a way to stop the Horde before they reach the forest. Thomas is struck with an idea; maybe he’ll be able to find information from the other world and use it here.

Thomas dreams and wakes up on earth. He has to find something that will save him and the Forest people. He discovers that explosives can be made and used against the Horde in the other world. Thomas gets the info that he needs to make black powder and falls asleep again. When he wakes up in the other reality, he grabs his best warriors and gets straight to work. They search frantically for the ingredients and eventually find all of them.

Thomas gathers the ingredients and pounds them together. While this is happening, the Horde camps out near the border, preparing to strike the next day. Thomas knows this, and he intends to set off his explosives before they do. He readies the explosives near huge cliffs that are situated close to the Horde camp. Thomas is ready. He and his men set fire to the first row of explosives.

My Thoughts on Red:

With Red, the story continues on from Black. Compared with the first book, I think Red is better. The pages are filled with action, and the story is well conceived. In Black, the storyline had more explaining/describing in it. Because of this, I flew through Red faster than Black. There were a few parts in Red that completely surprised me (An “I was not expecting that!” moment). If I could say just one thing about this book, it would be that it flows nicely. Why? The reading is easy. If you like Black, then you’ll really like Red.

Ted Dekker is superb, and I’m impressed with his writing. His characters in both Black and Red are well developed and realistic. Reading Black and Red has left an impression on me, and I know that I will be reading more of his books.

If you like fantasy mixed with allegory, then you’ll enjoy the Circle series. Fans of Frank Peretti will also like these books. Be sure to read Black, Red, White, and Green in the Circle series!

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