Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Finding Your Purpose: Book Review on The Little Pot

Finding Your Purpose
5 Stars

The story starts out with a pot that is being molded and created by a potter. While the pot is baking, the potter reveals that he has a special plan for it. After being completed, the small pot wonders what the potter’s special plan is.

The little pot gets used but for only for a short while. Each time the potter fills the little pot with various items, he empties it. Instead of using the little pot for these items, he makes other vessels that will suit them better. The potter tells the little pot that he has to trust him, for he is preparing him to be a special pot. The small pot trusts his creator and so he waits patiently.

One day, the potter inserts a plant into the little pot. The pot thinks that its special use is being a flower pot. But the flowers on the plant disappear and turn into green objects. The pot becomes worried because he no longer has flowers. The potter notices and tells the pot that he’s a fruit pot. The pot looks up and sees red fruit growing instead of green objects. He is indeed a fruit pot! This is what the potter had planned for him all along.

My Thoughts on The Little Pot:

The Little Pot is a delightful children’s book – it has a great message that both children and adults will love. Dawn Stephens did a wonderful job of writing and explaining the story in a way that children will understand. She also illustrated the book herself and the drawings are cute and fun. I’m sure children will find the story engaging with the adorable Little Pot and uplifting message.

I recommend The Little Pot to children of ages 3-8. Adults will enjoy reading this to their children, and I guarantee that both will learn something from it.

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God bless!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely book - a great way to remind children and adults that we are all created for a special purpose!